XP Lite

Having decided that i cannot use Linux at all, i installed XP Pro.

Having used Nlite to chop down windows as much as possible, the results are pictured below.


5 Responses to “XP Lite”

  1. Any chance you could post what options you selected? Been playing with nlite, and struggling!

  2. Sure, I can post the options, or link to the actual config file I used, your choice?

  3. A link to the actual config file would be very appreciated.

    Thanks and happy modding

  4. I will link to the original config file for you as soon as I find the file out of the multitude, however if you advise what you need I will build a config from scratch for you, as the one I built may not suit your particular requirements.

  5. hmm.. if you don’t mind maybe you can teach us how to nlite step by step and what are the files needed after nlited to install the windows xp pro using usb.. because all the website did not give a very actual step… 🙂

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