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Posted in Asus 701 with tags on Tuesday, 4 December 2007 by asus701

Having taken so much time and patience carefully removing the warranty sticker from my ram cover, using a hairdryer and a scalpel. I decided that no internal bluetooth was too much to bear.

I am using Autoroute 2007 with a bluetooth GPS (Holux) and also N95 8GB as a HSDPA modem via bluetooth and the belkin 100m bluetooth dongle sticking out ruined the sleek lines of the epc.

So I got a small 4 port USB hub from PC World (who still haven’t delivered my white epc yet, grrr.) and started to dissasemble. chopped this down to just 2 ports. and added the bluetooth dongle minus casing to one port.

I left the usb connector in place as it still fits under the cover and allows for speedy replacement with any other usb device.

To the second port I added the nano receiver from my logitech vx nano mouse (what an amazing mouse, love it) which is inside complete and unmodified.

I hadn’t realised until the very last second just how small the connectors for the USB data are, steady hands and nerves of steel if I do that job again.

The whole thing took about 90 minutes and well worth it just for the look on peoples faces at work when they cant work out how the mouse works.