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Asus eeepc 24G, Well not quite.

Posted in Asus 701 with tags , , , on Saturday, 29 December 2007 by asus701

Continuing in my quest to improve my epc I have decided that more storage is needed.

I have therefore purchased 2 Toshiba 20GB Ipod drives and 2 external housings from eBay.

The first drive and housing have been assembled as usual and I now have a nifty external drive for all my crap useful apps.

The second drive has had a more useful fate as an internal, external drive.

The Mod began with yet another epc strip down, followed by the removal of the previous usb hub, soon to be improved and relocated into the screen surround.

epc stripdown

Then I removed the dividing strip between the ram and imaginary 2nd PCI-E slot

Strip removed

I then cleaned up the raised parts that would be in the way of the drive, including removing one screw post.

Post removed

It was now time to prepare the drive, I removed the small board from the external housing and added it to the drive, I also cut down a wired mini USB plug to attach the housing to the board. This was taped to secure everything and to prevent shorting onto the board underneath.

Prepared drive

I mounted the drive where the 2nd PCI-E would be which does cover the RAM once assembled

Drive in place

Once the drive was spliced into the wires for my previous internal bluetooth mod it was just a case of re-assembly and try it out, as you can see, SUCCESS!!!

Additional Harddrive

I will reinstall XP on the internal SSD and run everything else from the HDD, and once i have added the in-screen mods it will be perfect.